Living with Prostate Cancer

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Prostate Cancer

Learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a harrowing experience. Your first reaction may be one of shock, dismay, and fear for what the future holds. But once the initial realization and distress subside, the resolve to beat the disease and live a long, fulfilling life in spite of it should kick in.

Your road to recovery begins with a thoughtful discussion of treatment options with your doctor. Depending on the stage and severity of your prostate cancer, there are numerous courses of action that can be taken – including invasive surgery (prostatectomy), chemotherapy, and external radiation therapy.

All of these treatment options, however, have potentially severe side effects including incontinence, erectile dysfunction (ED), extreme fatigue, depression, and infertility, not to mention the risk of complications stemming from an invasive procedure.

Radiation Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Conventional radiation treatment – the option most often recommended by oncologists – can damage tissues and organs surrounding your tumor. Not only that, but it typically requires dozens of uncomfortable treatment sessions that cost time and money.

However, there is a better way to live with – and ultimately defeat – prostate cancer, an alternative known as the CyberKnife® system. This revolutionary, noninvasive technology not only effectively treats prostate and other cancers, but also reduces the risk of side effects often associated with conventional radiation treatments.

How Does CyberKnife Work?

Often referred to as The Beam of Life™, CyberKnife saves you time in treatment and, most importantly, helps you maintain your quality of life. Here’s how…

Unlike conventional radiation therapy, CyberKnife’s robotic, missile-guided image technology continuously targets and follows your tumor’s exact location. While maintaining this precise focus, it delivers hundreds of high-dose radiation beams from different angles, bombarding the tumor with minimally affecting surrounding tissues or organs.

In fact, CyberKnife is so accurate that it instantly adjusts to the slightest movement – such as breathing – to keep its focus on the tumor and only the tumor.

Is CyberKnife Better than Other Treatments?

The comfortable and relaxing CyberKnife procedure offers other key advantages over conventional prostate cancer treatment options. There is no incision, no bleeding, no anesthesia, no pain, and no recovery time, so you can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment. Also, there are few, if any, minor side effects.

The entire CyberKnife treatment typically involves just five sessions over a period of about 10 days, compared to the dozens of treatments over several months needed with standard radiation.

Will This Radiation Cure My Prostate Cancer?

Although the response to CyberKnife radiation therapy will vary from patient to patient, clinical experience has shown that most patients respond exceptionally well to this treatment with cure rates of 97 percent after five years.

What’s more, you maintain your quality of life during treatment. With the CyberKnife system, outliving prostate cancer can be a simpler and less challenging task.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Miami, Florida

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