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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Miami, FL 

CyberKnife is the most advanced radiosurgery technique available for Prostate Cancer Treatment.

Using image-guided robotics, the CyberKnife can precisely and non-invasively dissolve tumors and other lesions with multiple beams of high-energy radiation, while sparing the normal healthy tissue surrounding the tumor or lesion. This revolutionary prostate cancer treatment has helped save many lives while maintaining patients’ quality of life.

The Benefits of CyberKnife for Prostate Cancer Treatment

The benefits of radiosurgery with the CyberKnife far outweigh any potential risks, which are minimal. 

How Does CyberKnife Treat Prostate Cancer?

Completely Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment

The name “CyberKnife” is a misnomer of sorts. Why? Because it’s not a knife at all, and there’s absolutely no cutting involved. In fact, CyberKnife is a painless radiation treatment that may be an alternative to open surgery in many cases.

Painless with Few to No Side Effects

You can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment. Some patients may experience minimal general side effects, such as fatigue, nausea or headaches but those often go away within the first week or two after treatment.

Cost-Effective and Quick Prostate Cancer Treatment 

Prostate cancer treatment with CyberKnife is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization or anesthesia. Each treatment typically lasts only 30 to 90 minutes.


Fewer Prostate Cancer Treatments than Standard Radiation

Thanks to its remarkable clinical accuracy, the CyberKnife treats prostate cancer in 5 treatments over 10 days, unlike the low doses of conventional radiation therapy that require 40-45 treatments over the course of 2-3 months. 

Precise Prostate Cancer Treatment

Cyberknife uses missile-guided radiation technology to target tumors with pinpoint accuracy, delivering radiation directly to the tumor, while leaving healthy surrounding tissue untouched. Because of this missile technology, CyberKnife can track the tumor even when a patient moves or breathes, all without the use of restrictive and uncomfortable immobilization devices.

    98% Prostate Cancer Treatment Success Rate 

    Recent studies comparing the CyberKnife Radiosurgery to other modalities such as IMRT, LDR, HDR, Proton therapy and traditional surgery have shown that CyberKnife Radiosurgery is as effective in the treatment of prostate cancer, with only five treatments, and has fewer side effects than other modalities.

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    CyberKnife vs Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Miami

    Both CyberKnife and proton beam are forms of radiation therapy; however, CyberKnife has many advantages over proton beam radiation as a prostate cancer treatment. CyberKnife is the most advanced treatment available, using image-guided robotics to destroy prostate cancer while preserving the surrounding tissue.

    If you have prostate cancer and need the most innovative, non-invasive treatment, please call CyberKnife Miami today at (800) 204-0455.

    Treatment at CyberKnife Miami

    Targeted Radiation without Damaging Surrounding Tissue

    CyberKnife stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) typically emits 150 to 200 small x-ray beams, all penetrating the prostate from multiple angles, resulting in a higher localized dose. The dose targets the exact shape of the prostate, which means a minimal dose of radiation affects surrounding healthy tissue, resulting in much fewer, if any, side effects.

    Faster Prostate Cancer Treatment Times

    CyberKnife therapy requires only five treatments. Each treatment fraction is a much higher dose than given with proton therapy. This is called hypofractionated treatments.

    Proton beams deliver a lower dose of radiation to the prostate, so many more treatments are required to a larger treatment area. These treatments use conventional fractionation with small doses given daily over a four to six week period.

    Evidence-Based Prostate Cancer Treatment

    A growing body of evidence from clinical studies using CyberKnife hypofractionated radiation treatments (high dose in five treatments) shows that CyberKnife provides more effective treatment compared to the proton beam’s conventional lower dose fractionation treatment.

    The most recent ten-year study by Dr. Alan Katz published in the journal Radiation Oncology confirms that using high-dose hypofractionation radiation therapy with CyberKnife is as good as or better than the protected low-dose conventional fractionation treatments with proton beam, and the toxicities to the bladder and rectum are lower using CyberKnife therapy.

    Pinpoint Accuracy and Comfort

    CyberKnife beams are continually image-guided throughout the entire treatment so the robot adjusts for any slight movement the patient makes. This enables the CyberKnife beam to follow the prostate’s movement even as the patient breathes normally. If the movement is large the CyberKnife will suspend the beam until the patient is back in alignment. This allows for precise targeting of the prostate in an approximately two to five-millimeter area surrounding the prostate. 

    Proton beam treatments do not have continual image-guided technology, therefore the equipment cannot make adjustments when the patient or the prostate moves, which happens naturally just by breathing. Therefore, a larger treatment area, other than just the prostate, is treated to compensate for this uncertainty. The target is usually the prostate plus 10 to 15 millimeters all around the prostate, which can result in more side effects.

    Also, gas bubbles in the intestines and the bladder filling can move the prostate during treatment, sometimes up to 20 millimeters. That’s also why proton treatments rely on a bigger treatment margin to keep targeting the prostate. Since CyberKnife uses continuous image guidance to correct for any prostate motion or patient movement, it can target just the specific pinpointed area.

    "Research proves CyberKnife is as effective as standard radiation using 5 treatments instead of 42 with few if any side effects."

    - Medical Director Mark E. Pomper at CyberKnife Miami

    CyberKnife Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery

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