Urgent Coronavirus Pandemic Update:

Coronavirus Update

Patient health is our top priority at CyberKnife Miami

We take safety precautions all year long to make sure our patients are not exposed to community acquired flu or viruses at our center. We want to assure our patients that we are taking even more precautions during this heightened global crisis, including screening patients to make sure they are not sick when they arrive and thoroughly wiping down all patient and treatment areas and equipment before and after patients leave our center.
The fact that we are a small, private and low patient volume center means there is little risk of infection spread to begin with.
Our patients only require 1-to-5 treatments, greatly reducing the risk of exposure to illness by repeatedly coming to a big medical center and sitting around for hours waiting for treatment.
At CyberKnife Miami we will continue taking tough measures to keep our patients safe all year long.