Cyberknife’s Owner is Thankful, Grateful, Humble & Hopeful

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Best Prostate Cancer Doctor Miami, Best Prostate Cancer Treatment, CyberKnife Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Cyberknife’s owner Al Gold is known for giving eccentric names to his racehorses. He named Cyberknife after the non-invasive advanced radiation therapy that allowed Gold to return to good health after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“It’s one horse I’ve given a serious name,” said 66-year-old Gold, “because it’s a serious subject.”

Gold was shocked when he received the diagnosis. “I was worried about my family. That’s what you worry about. What will happen to my children? It is scary,” he said. 

Gold is also fortunate in that he has a tight-knit circle of friends united in their passion for racing.

Ron Riccio, part of that fun-loving group, praised Gold’s handling of the diagnosis. “He handled it with great equanimity. He didn’t panic. He accepted it,” said Riccio. “No ‘poor me’ or any of that business. He did what he needed to do and got through it.” 

Doctors outlined a variety of possible treatments, including prostate removal. Riccio, who was then chairman of the board at Monmouth (NJ) Medical Center, and Lou Filoso, another close friend, urged Gold to explore CyberKnife, a treatment that delivers radiation to tumors difficult to reach and even tracks their movements. 

“I had very good conversations with the doctors. They walk you through it,” said Gold.

Gold took five treatments, each 18 minutes. “After that, I was fine. No symptoms, nothing,” he said. “It was so much better than all the other scary cancer treatments.”

Gold is excited by the developments of Cyberknife. The 3-year-old has already achieved Grade 1 victory in the Arkansas Derby and the Haskell Stakes.

Tom Filoso, another close friend said, “Al is not an emotional kind of guy, but boy, even Hillary, his wife, they were off the charts with each race Cyberknife won. Greatest feeling ever.”

The strong win in a track-record time of 1:46.24 for the 1 1/8-mile Haskell Stakes, gave Cyberknife his fifth win in nine career starts. 

He will race again Saturday August 27th in the Runhappy Travers Stakes. 

And again in the Breeders” Cup, November 4th & 5th.

We’ll be cheering him on as this horse continues to let the world know about CyberKnife, a life saving technology for cancer treatment. 

If you would like more information on what CyberKnife treats and how, contact the CyberKnife Center of Miami. We are happy to answer all your questions.