CyberKnife Therapy for Prostate Cancer: 5 vs 42 Treatments

by | Jan 29, 2024 | CyberKnife Center of Miami, CyberKnife For Prostate Cancer

All men are at risk of prostate cancer. About 1-in-9 will get it, but only 1-in-39 will die of it. About 80% of men who reach age 80 have cancer cells in their prostate.The good news, this cancer is often treatable and curable.

CyberKnife is a form of advanced radiation therapy, known as stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) that delivers highly targeted radiation to the prostate.

It doesn’t require going under the knife or an incision of any kind. 

It’s a great option for men with early-stage or localized prostate cancer, as well as men who may not be eligible for surgery or don’t want surgery. 

What sets CyberKnife apart from other radiation delivery devices, is this cutting-edge-technology uses a robotic arm that tracks even the slightest movement of the prostate to ensure radiation is delivered only to the prostate cancer site, sparing nearby tissues and organs like the bladder and rectum. 

As a result, most men experience virtually no side effects.

While CyberKnife delivers higher doses of radiation, because it is so precise, hitting only its target, it’s proven to be a safe and effective radiation treatment option, offering a better chance for a cure. 

Other CyberKnife Exceptional Advantages:

Convenience: Unlike traditional radiation that’s given in 42 sessions over eight to nine weeks, CyberKnife can treat prostate cancer with just 5 treatment sessions. Because fewer treatments are required, men spend less time traveling to and from appointments and more time living their daily lives working, spending time with family, and doing the activities they enjoy without disrupting their active schedules.

Faster recovery: Since CyberKnife requires no anesthesia or hospitalization like surgery, there is no downtime. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can go about your daily activities and routine without delay.

Fewer side effects: Because we can visualize the anatomical structure of your prostate and surrounding organs, we can precisely plan sub-millimeter radiation delivery to the prostate using smaller margins that protect the adjacent bladder and rectum. Less impact to these nearby organs ensures fewer side effects than other radiation therapies. 

Planning is critical to the treatment. Prior to your first treatment, your urologist or radiation oncologist will place gold markers the size of rice into the prostate. Your team will use MRI and CT scans to visualize the prostate and surrounding structures so they can plan how much radiation to deliver and where.

CyberKnife relies on this image guidance and computer-controlled robotics to administer high, concentrated doses of radiation to the areas that have cancer while avoiding or limiting radiation exposure to the urethra, bladder, rectum, and other organs responsible for continence, bowel control, and sexual function.

While some cancer centers may claim they have the same thing as CyberKnife, if it’s not CyberKnife, it’s not the same. For example, a European study compared CyberKnife to other SBRT treatment machines and found that urinary side effects were 50% less than caused by other linear accelerators.

But not every patient is a candidate for CyberKnife, most are, but not all. There are different things to consider, including your age, lifestyle, and goals. We take the time to make sure you have the knowledge you need to make the best possible decision for you and your family.

Whatever treatment you decide to go with, we’re here to support and guide you through your journey.

Our team at CyberKnife Miami is one of the most experienced in the world. Our team has treated thousands of patients, increasing their chance for a cure while preserving their quality of life. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you can count on our team of experts at CyberKnife Miami to help you understand your best treatment options. 

No matter your circumstance, CyberKnife is something worth exploring and considering so you can make the best possible decision for you and your lifestyle.

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