How Effective is Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | CyberKnife For Prostate Cancer, CyberKnife Treatment For Prostate Cancer

When it comes to alternative treatment for prostate cancer, your treatment often depends on the type and stage of cancer, your age, and your overall health. Doctors have a full arsenal of options for treatment that include surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, and radiation therapy. While each modality can be effective, there is a reason more than 60,000 men in the United States choose radiation treatment for prostate cancer each year, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation

Radiation Treatment for Prostate cancer

The cure rate for prostate cancer using radiation is excellent, and there is a proven safety track record.

While there are several types of radiation treatments available to prostate cancer patients, the experts at the CyberKnife Center of Miami say that Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) – the kind of radiation used by CyberKnife, has some distinct advantages.

Do not let the name fool you: Despite being called CyberKnife, this treatment is not a knife, it is cutting-edge technology that destroys tumors with pinpoint precision and accuracy and leaves the healthy surrounding tissue virtually unaffected.

CyberKnife has very few side effects. The pinpoint radiation beams hit only the tumor so we can give a much higher daily dose with a lot fewer treatments, leaving healthy surrounding tissue unharmed. There are over 20 years of published studies that support CyberKnife use in prostate cancer treatment,” says Dr. Mark Pomper, board-certified radiation oncologist and medical director of CyberKnife Miami.

In fact, according to a 12-year study presented at the American Society for Radiation Oncology meeting last year, SBRT has high rates of long-term cancer control with mild toxicity.

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment: The CyberKnife Advantage

  • CyberKnife has a 97% cure rate for prostate cancer.
  • CyberKnife treatments can be done in five radiation therapy sessions over 10 days compared to 42 over three months with other types of radiation treatments.
  • It is much quicker and safer, and it causes the least disruption to patients’ lives.
  • It is noninvasive. There is no need for anesthesia or cutting.
  • It has none of the risks that come with surgery, including incontinence, impotence, infection, and downtime.

“After watching my two brothers suffer tough side effects following prostate cancer surgery, I did not want to risk the same for me and instead chose a non-invasive treatment, CyberKnife Radiation Therapy. I had five treatments over 10 days at the CyberKnife Center of Miami. I had no bad side effects and went right back to work after each session. It was so simple and easy — easier than I ever thought was possible,” says Antonio, a patient of CyberKnife Miami.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Center

The American Cancer Society says one in nine American men will face a prostate cancer diagnosis in his lifetime. It strikes older men and African-American men more often. Six in 10 cases are diagnosed in men older than 65 with an average age of 66. 

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, call CyberKnife Miami for a consultation. We treat patients from across the country and right here at home in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties.

We promise to sit down with you and explain all your options as well as explain how CyberKnife might help you.

Our goal is to get you back to your life – cancer free. 

At the CyberKnife Center of Miami, we have successfully treated hundreds of prostate cancer patients with excellent results. 

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated using CyberKnife technology with great success.

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