What to Expect After Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer

by | Sep 30, 2022 | CyberKnife Treatment For Prostate Cancer, CyberKnife Treats Prostate Cancer

It’s understandable to be apprehensive about radiation treatment for prostate cancer – or any cancer for that matter.

That’s why the experts at the CyberKnife Center of Miami – South Florida’s state-of-the-art radiation treatment center for cancer want to give you the facts.

Keep in mind there are different types of radiation. So, the expectations are different depending on the type of radiation you are getting.

We’ll briefly talk about what to expect from standard or traditional radiation.  Then we’ll tell you about the CyberKnife advantage.


What to Expect After Traditional External Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer

According to WebMD, traditional radiation treatments for prostate cancer are done five days a week for a period of five to eight weeks.

After treatment, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, patients may experience short-term symptoms including frequent urination and urgency issues. They may also experience problems with their bowels, like loose stool. Medications can help ease symptoms. And a patient’s doctor may recommend a low-fiber diet.

The risk of long-term symptoms from radiation treatment for prostate cancer is low – less than 5%. However, those risks can include urinary and bowel issues. 

Radiation has less impact on erectile function in the first five to ten years after treatment when compared to surgery, the Prostate Cancer Foundation says.  However, there could be a delayed effect. Within 15 years after treatment with radiation, erectile dysfunction rates are similar to those who chose surgery.

Aside from cancer, these long-term side effects are the biggest fear for many prostate cancer patients. That’s why CyberKnife may be a better option for you.


What to Expect After CyberKnife Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer

CyberKnife is a highly targeted form of radiation known as stereotactic body radiation therapy or SBRT. With CyberKnife, treatment courses are faster.  They can be completed in five sessions, unlike traditional radiation, which takes 30-45 treatments over two to three months.  

Plus, CyberKnife literally moves with the patient to make sure the prostate is the only thing targeted.

Charles, a CyberKnife patient admits he was “scared to death” when he first was diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the maker of CyberKnife, Accuray.

“I had never had radiation, so I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. The treatment was amazing. It’s like an X-ray, you feel nothing.”

With CyberKnife, because of its precision, there are minimal side effects, if any. They may include tiredness and urinary and rectal irritation. Medication can help minimize these, and they usually resolve in a few days or weeks.  

There is also a lower risk of toxicity than with traditional radiation. Since CyberKnife focuses directly on the prostate, there is less risk of irritation of the rectum, anus, bladder, or testicles. There is also a reduced risk of impotence and urinary incontinence. Sexual function remains the same for most patients after treatment. 

CyberKnife has few side effects. Its pinpoint radiation beams hit only the prostate so we can give much higher doses in a lot fewer treatments, leaving healthy surrounding tissue unharmed. There are over 20 years of published studies support,” said Dr. Mark Pomper, board-certified radiation oncologist and medical director of CyberKnife Miami.

Charles said he had no side effects after his CyberKnife treatment: “I had no impotency, no urination problems, no burns, no problems whatsoever.”

Prostate Cancer Treatment Near Me: CyberKnife Miami

Here is a time-lapse video showing prostate cancer treatment at the CyberKnife Center of Miami. Seeing the treatment firsthand may reduce a patient’s apprehension, concerns and even fear.

At CyberKnife Miami, we’ve seen cure rates for prostate cancer of more than 98% for more than two decades.  And worldwide, hundreds of thousands more have been treated using the CyberKnife technology.

If you would like to find out more about prostate cancer treatment with CyberKnife or if you would like a consultation call us at 305-279-2900 or go to our prostate cancer website now for more information.